Chef Lee Yeon Bok Reveals He is Good Friends With BTS’s Jin Despite The Age Difference

Age doesn’t matter when it comes to friendships!

On the July 22 broadcast of MBC’s Radio Star, chef Lee Yeon Bok appeared as a guest and revealed his close relationship with BTS’s Jin.

Lee is known to be friends with many idol members due to his appearances on many TV variety programs. He revealed on the show his way of maintaining a relationship with a younger friend.

I don’t film together with them. Because of my age, I understand that it may be hard for younger people to approach me so I go over to them and start a conversation first. I also give them my business card instead since I can’t ask for their phone number. I become close friends with those that do contact me.

In regards to his friendship with Jin, he revealed that they first contacted with each other when Jin tried to reserve a spot at Lee’s restaurant.

Jin gifted me with wine once after returning from an overseas concert. We first contacted each other through trying to make reservations at my restaurant and later invited him over to my house. We sometimes go fishing together and go over to each other’s houses. When we do catch a fish while fishing, he always tells me it’s not polite to make me cook all the way out here.

Lee also made it clear that he only takes reservations from celebrities if there are seats available. He does not make special cases just because they are celebrities. If there are no seats available, he sometimes invites them over to his house instead.

Watch the full segment about his relationship with Jin below!

Source: xsportsnews