This Child Actress Looks Exactly Like A Younger Version Of IU

She’s known as “Little IU” and has a huge presence on social media already!

Child acterss and model Kim Gyu Ri resembles IU so much that viewers who watched her act in My Mister as the young Lee Ji An thought she was IU’s baby pictures brought to life with computer graphics!


Kim Gyu Ri is 9-years-old born 2008, but already has over 6 years of modeling experience. She’s a professional actress and model under the management of Kakao M‘s LOEN Friends Junior agency.

She has an Instagram account that reaches 124K followers and an official fan site as well.


When Kim Gyu Ri appeared as the younger version of IU’s role, Lee Ji An, viewers couldn’t believe the uncanny resemblance.


Kim Gyu Ri’s baby pictures looked even more similar to IU’s baby pictures. A series of comparison photos quickly went viral!

Kim Gyu Ri (Right) and IU (Left)


There’s little doubt that she’ll grow up to be a beauty much like IU!


It is no surprise that Kim Gyu Ri has been known as “Little IU” since debut.

With her potential in acting and modeling, Kim Gyu Ri could be the next Korean superstar, like IU!


Watch Kim Gyu Ri act in My Mister here:

Source: 1BOON