These Childhood Photos of TWICE Prove They’re Natural Beauties

Known for having no visual holes, netizens discover photos from the past that show how beautiful the members of TWICE were even as children.

TWICE is currently one of the biggest K-Pop girl groups and has caught the attention of the public for their amazing visuals and adorable personalities.

Fans have collected these adorable baby and pre-debut photos of all the TWICE members and fans are falling in love with their favorite idols all over again.

Take a look at TWICE’s adorable pre-debut photos:


Tzuyu through the years.

There’s a reason why this Taiwanese beauty is TWICE’s main visual!

Tzuyu looking adorable with short hair.


Chaeyoung was a beautiful child!

Her baby cheeks are so adorable.

Chaeyoung in middle school.

A photo of Chaeyoung in a magazine as a child.


Nayeon was the cutest baby.

Nayeon was clearly meant for stardom.

Nayeon looked great even in school photos!


Dahyun was the most loveable toddler.

What a cute smile.


Adorable Jungyeon (middle) and her sisters.

You can definitely tell that Gong Seung Yeon and Jungyeon are sisters!

She’s already wearing cute little outfits.


Momo was a huge fan of SHINee before she debuted!

Seems like Momo’s bias was Minho.

She was born to be a star!


Mina has always had an ideal figure.

Mina was a huge V.I.P.

She was also a fan of EXO!


Sana having a meal with her friends in Japan.

Sana proves that she is the selfie queen in this pre-debut shot.


Jihyo was a beautiful child!

Jihyo began training at JYP Entertainment at a very young age.

Source: Dispatch