Children Pick Between Handsome Male Idols And Their Own Dad

They’re brutally honest 😂

Children are pure and honest, so when they’re asked to pick between their dad and handsome male idols, their answers are particularly amusing!

Recently, several children were asked to choose a male idol who resembles their dad the most. “Who looks the most like your dad?

Hilariously, two brutally honest little boys decided not to pick any idol! They claimed that there was none who looked like their dad. “I don’t think there’s any.

Unlike the other two boys, one boy chose Stray KidsI.N because of his hair color.

This guy has the same hair color as my dad.

— Child

Similarly, a little girl chose SHINee‘s Taemin because of his hairstyle.

This oppa. My dad has this kind of hair, too.

— Child

Taemin is obviously popular among girls because he was once again chosen, but this time because of his necktie.

Just like my dad, he’s wearing a tie.

— Child.

Afterwards, the adults asked the children to pick the cooler person—their dad or the idols. “Who’s cooler, your dad or the idols?

Three children adorably picked their dad without a moment’s hesitation.

A little girl, however, brought laughter when she added, “But my dad’s a little ugly.

Funnily enough, the remaining children picked the male idols over their own dads! One of them even singled out SEVENTEEN‘s Jun.

Watch the adorable and hilarious video below!

Source: 키즐 kizzle