Children Pick The Male Idols Who Look Like They’d Be A Good President

Three are from BTS!

Even if idols didn’t choose to become artists, they would have definitely found success in another job—perhaps even for the important job of leading a country!

In a recent video, several children were asked to pick a male idol who appears like they’d be a good president. “Who do you think would be a good president?

In no particular order, check out their choices below!

1. BTS’s V

The first idol to be mentioned was none other than BTS’s V! The child who picked him explained that he seems popular and has beautiful eyes.

I think he’s popular. He has nice eyes.

— Child

2. BTS’s Jin

The reason why this child picked Jin is incredibly sweet. He complimented Jin for looking smart and kindhearted. “I think he’s smart because he’s kindhearted.

3. Stray Kids’ Felix

According to this little girl, Felix would be a good president because he seems like the type to love his friends. “This guy’s in love with his friends.

4. BTS’s Jimin

Last but not the least, another BTS member was once again chosen! This girl singled out Jimin because of his good looking face.

This brother. He’s handsome.

— Child

Watch the adorable video below!

Source: 키즐 kizzle