Children Think BTS Members Would Make Good Presidents

The kids gave reasons based on their appearances.

In a YouTube video uploaded by Studio Kizzle, children were asked to choose idols that they thought best fit certain descriptions.

Since the children did not know the idols, they chose from pictures that were laid out in front of them, and justified their selections with adorable responses.

The children were first asked who they thought would be a good dancer. G-Dragon and Park Jin Young were chosen, and BTS‘s V was chosen twice, with one boy mentioning, “I think he’ll dance as well as I do.”

In terms of idols who they thought would be good at catching bugs, Stray KidsI.N and NU’EST‘s Minhyun joined BTS’s V and J-Hope as the choices.

BTS dominated the question relating to who the children thought would make a good president. Jin was chosen because he appeared smart and kind-hearted, while V was chosen for his nice eyes and popularity. Jimin‘s handsome face was the reason for him being chosen.

The children also commented that it would be good to see Jin on TV every day, and two boys remarked that J-Hope would likely give them lots of pocket money.

Find out the rest of the children’s choices in the clip below!