Men in China can now hire a girlfriend to avoid the pressure to get married

It’s getting harder for men in China to get married but, thankfully, they can now hire girlfriends. 

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For centuries, Chinese children have felt the pressure from their parents to find a good wife or husband.

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With the dwindling pool of available women (partially due to sex-selective abortion and the desire to have sons), many men are left single and nagged by their parents. 

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Fortunately, there is a new app on the market that is helping young Chinese men avoid the parental pressure to get married.

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Date-for-hire is growing common among men, who pay $436.00 to $1,452.00 to rent a spouse.  

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Zhao Yuqing, a recent law school graduate and female blogger recently revealed her experiences with the service.

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Interested in seeing what the service was all about, Yuqing posted an advertisement that received 700 responses. 

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Out of the 700 responses, she selected a man by the name of Wang Quanming with whom she signed a clear contract that ruled out physical contact.

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Yuqing’s experience was largely positive, but the scale and level of deception can be quite difficult to pull off. 

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Indeed, Wang Quanming felt so guilty for lying that he later revealed everything to his mother.

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Even so, Date-for-Hire websites seem to be at least a temporary solution to the centuries-old dilemma.

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