China Has Invented Actual Light Sabres For Women To Defend Themselves

China’s newest anti-sexual assault defense weapon might seem innocent at first, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. 

Commonly referred to as “anti-pervert devices,” the tool is a 30cm torch that can emit flames of up to 1500 degrees Celcius (2732 degrees Fahrenheit). 

Priced from ¥33 to ¥199 Chinese Yuan (approximately $4.88 to $29.42 USD), the device is quite a bargain for its effectiveness. 

The tool is quite easy to use and even comes with a chic carrying case. 

But while it’s cheap and convenient, it does require some refueling to keep its flame strong. 

But with this “anti-pervert” device that looks like it jumped straight out of a “Star Wars” Movie, perverts will surely think twice before trying anything. 

Source: Taobao