China’s “Most Beautiful Butt” Owner Is Now Raking In The Cash

It’s proven to be quite the asset.

Last year China held their own version of Brazil’s Miss BumBum contest. They searched throughout China to discover the best butt.


And they ended up crowning Gao Qian as having the best tush in the country.


She was just 19 when she won the contest but since her win, her popularity has exploded.


She’s had success as a model, fitness coach, and live stream host.


Add to that her 2+ million followers on social media and she’s riding high.


And her famous backside has proven good for her wallet as well!


Gao Qian has been able to buy the car of her dreams, as well as a new apartment with amazing sea views.


She was also able to buy her own workout studio where she spends six hours of her day working on her derriere.


And building up the rest of her body too.


Although she is super proud of her title and physique, she actually doesn’t like to show it off in public.


She tends to wear baggy clothes outside so her famous butt won’t become a distraction.


Gao Qian has actually been in a couple of uncomfortable situations because of her behind.


She’s witnessed a few couples argue because the boyfriend was caught staring at her.


But that doesn’t stop her from posting lots of pics of her backside for her social media followers!

Source: NextShark