Controversial Audi Commercial Compares Women To Used Cars

Audi is under fire for a recently released commercial that compares women to used cars. 

A recent advert has caused an uproar in China, because of how it depicts women. 

In the Audi commercial, a bride is was compared to a car. 

During it she is inspected, then it cuts to a clip of a car with a voice over that says “An important decision must be made carefully.

The ad then received backlash online, as people called it disgusting and sexist.

Some even admitted that they would no longer purchase the vehicles.

After being pushed to apologize, Audi released a statement.

A spokesperson stated that the ad will be investigated, and China’s marketing was at fault. 

Yet, it appears that those in China may be purchasing other brands of cars from now on. 

Source: Scmp