Chinese BLINKs Curse At Lisa For “Blocking” Their View of Jennie 

“Fuck you, Lisa, don’t block Jennie.”

A Chinese fansite was criticized by fellow fans after one of their members were heard mocking Lisa on video. 


The fans were able to film the members as they continued with their radio promotions. 


The released footage, however, featured two fans speaking in Cantonese.

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The translation of it angered fellow fans for mocking Lisa. Lisa was trying to interact with the fans outside but it seemed like they wanted Jennie’s attention instead. 


The Chinese fansite, DoubleClass, was identified to have been responsible and immediately released an apology. 


The fan club explained that only one of the individuals involved was in the fanclub, a friend of the administrator, and emphasized that the “two sentences shouldn’t be linked together.” 


The apology did not calm the anger of most BLACKPINK fans. 


Some expressed their dissatisfaction in the unclear statement about the fans’ motive and behaviour during the incident while others have asked for the closure of the site. 


How could you swear at this girl?