A Chinese Bride Goes Viral For Her Wedding Day Look — Japanese Superhero Ultraman

The groom’s reaction was everything.

A wedding day is usually a huge occasion — joining two families and creating a new one can result in huge ceremonies. The wedding is often centered around the bride, from the usually pricy engagement ring to the decoration choices.

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Another huge part of any wedding ceremony is the dress worn by the bride, which can cost several thousands of dollars. Some celebrities have attracted attention for their expensive and elaborate wedding day looks, like actress Lee Dai In, who wore multiple dresses.

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One bride in China has gone viral for the way she included her husband-to-be in one of her wedding day outfits.

Beginning in the late 1960s, the Ultraman media franchise remained extremely popular. The series is about an alien race of superheroes, the Ultras, who fight other aliens or kaiju(monsters).

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The franchise comprises TV series, films, novels, video games, and comics, with the characters appearing even in Marvel’s comic book universe.

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As part of Chinese wedding traditions, the bride will sit in her wedding dress on a bed and wait for the groom to come to her before the ceremony. This moment usually involves some games or other activities, and the groom gives money to make the experience go by quicker, as seen in the clip below.


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A groom in China’s Henan province went to pick up his bride only to be surprised with her outfit for the occasion, an Ultraman costume! The bride, who posed on one knee on the bed, stood up and waved a light-up stick toward him when he entered.

The couple have known each other for many years, and the bride said she planned this because she knew how big of a fan her husband is of Ultraman. The groom’s reaction shows how much he enjoyed the surprise!

Video captured of the moment quickly went viral, with many men envying the groom and his bride for their special connection. Congrats to this well-matched couple!

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