Chinese Dancing Aunties Turn Traffic Jam Into A Dance Party

When scores of vehicles were stuck on a stretch of highway going through a mountainous region of China, a bus full of “Dancing Aunties” helped make the best out of a bad situation.

No one likes a traffic jam. Traffic jams, in fact, are arguably the worst kind of jams that exist, but when nearly one hundred vehicles were stuck in unmoving, bumper-to-bumper traffic on China’s Xi’an highway, something magical happened.

The traffic on this relatively remote strip of highway was at a complete standstill.

Traffic like this would typically infuriate even the calmest driver, but a dozen passengers in a long-distance bus turned the situation on its head.

The bus passengers started a fun dance party instead of being grumpy in their vehicle.

The passengers, mostly older women, decided to help the waylaid travelers pass the time by staging a recreation of the opening scene from La La Land.

This traffic jam was really just a jamming dance party!

With a small speaker to play music, the women began to dance in a traditional Chinese square-dancing style.

The party even had music.

Other drivers left their cars to join in, and the whole dance party ended with an all-out conga line.

No dance party is complete without a conga line!

So the next time you’re stuck in an interminable traffic jam, remember, just dance the frustration away!

Now that’s how you deal with the traffic jam blues.

Source: Shanghaiist