Chinese Girl Reports Her Colleague For Sexual Assault Because He Was Ugly

Nothing is uglier than the truth though.

The internet grew furious at the news of a Chinese girl who turned her coworker to the police for rape, when in fact, she gave consent.

The problem isn’t only the fact that she lied about being raped when she wasn’t. When taken to court, she ended up telling the truth and the truth was ugly.


The girl and her coworker have been seeing each other, having dinner and going on dates. When the two decided to take the relationship further, she and the coworker had sex.


The day after the two made love, the girl reported her coworker to the police for raping her. She testified, “He took my phone away. I fought against him by biting his hand, but I couldn’t get away.”


As investigation began, the police noticed the girl continued switching on her words. She was found to be lying about the whole thing.


Finally, the girl confessed, “He and I had sex with my consent.”

“I did this because he is so ugly. I realized the fact that I had sex with someone so ugly will act negatively on my reputation.” — Girl


The girl now faces fines or up to 3 years in prison for libel.

Source: Dispatch