The Chinese Government Wanted People To Stop Jaywalking, So They Released This Song

Beijing has taken a rather unique approach to enforcing road safety by creating a catchy song to discourage jaywalking.

In an effort to control the number of accidents occurring at Beijing’s many intersections, Beijing’s Commission for Guiding Cultural and Ethical Progress has released their very own traffic-themed song. Their song is targetted primarily at pedestrians or those who ride scooters and are prone to ignoring traffic lights and, ultimately, therefore getting into accidents.

The song is titled “Wait for the Light (Deng Deng Dance)” and comes with energetic choreography. The music video for the song (yes, the song has a music video) features dancing aunties, traffic officers, and volunteers of all ages who have taken to street corners of Beijing to perform this song.

“Wait for the Light” advises pedestrians that “Civility is part of safety, so wait patiently” and to “Wait a little longer and be happy for a lifetime.”

Beijing’s unique effort to reduce traffic accidents doesn’t just end at the music video, however, as the will soon be opening a hundred “compassion crosswalks” around the city, where traffic officers can actually perform the song in front of commuters.

Check out the Beijing Commission for Guiding Cultural and Ethical Progress’ catchy song below:

Source:  Shanghaiist