Chinese Idol Dyes Her Hair Blue And Instantly Begins Trending In Korea

Pictures of her began circulating in Korea and everyone wanted know who she was.

One Chinese idol, Xu Jiaqi, has been trending in Korea simply because she dyed her hair! The singer and actress recently dyed her hair a unique shade of blue and fans are loving it.


Xu Jiaqui, also known as Kiki, is a member of Team SII of idol group SNH48.


She is also a part of its sub-units Style-7 and 7SENSES.


Xu Jiaqi is also an actress. She starred in  Legend of Yun Xi and Super Star: The Counter Attack Star Shine, two hugely popular Chinese dramas. And she was one of the main characters in the Chinese-Korean film Catman alongside EXO‘s Sehun!


She actually already had a pretty large fanbase in Korea because she auditioned for SM Entertainment. But with her new recent hair transformation, she’s been receiving even more attention and it’s easy to see why!


The idol has rocked many different hairstyles. From long and brown to short and blonde.


Normally she has this cute hairdo.


But netizens are going crazy for her blue look.

  • “She reminds me of CL!”

  • “Wow, she’s so beautiful.”

  • “I saw her hair in real life and it was so much prettier than it is on camera.”

  • “It looks great!”

  • “She’s a goddess. So Pretty!”

  • “Wow, the blue looks really really good.”

  • “She’s breathtaking!”

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa