Chinese Live Streamer Earns $14 Million USD A Week Promoting Products For Just 3 Seconds Each

Here’s what else we know about her.

A Chinese live streamer is earning millions despite her unusual work style.

Zheng Xiang Xiang is only one of many influencers in China who make a living by selling things online. But while most influencers go in depth about the products on hand—usually giving in-depth descriptions and replying to live comments—Zheng does the opposite.

Each item only gets roughly three seconds of air time each. Whether it’s period pads, a tank top, a jacket, or a broom, they appear on camera for roughly the same amount of time.

Throughout the show, her assistant always passes her an orange box which contains the product. She then picks it up, mentions its price (usually around CN¥ 10 or $1.40 USD), and abruptly throws it aside.

Despite the minimal exposure, whatever she promotes always sells out almost immediately.

Zheng reportedly earns around $14 million USD in one week alone!

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