Chinese Man Uploads One Video To The Internet, Koreans Fall In Love With Him

Korean netizens went crazy when a video of this Chinese man was released on Facebook.

Korean women’s hearts were stolen after a Korean entertainment Facebook page uploaded a compilation video of Feiqiming.

In the video, Feiqiming dances with cute gestures, has fun interactions with his fans, and even sings with a gentle and soothing voice.

Comment sections were going crazy over a cheeky comment he made in the second segment of the compilation video because Feiqiming said

“If your current boyfriend and ex-boyfriend are drowning, don’t save them because I’ll be your boyfriend.”

This viral video now has 700K views and 24K likes and Koreans are wondering where they can find this man.

Feiqiming is a social media star who is already hot in China for his cute and handsome face.

He frequently uploads videos and pictures on Weibo, Facebook, and Instagram to the demands of his growing fans.

With the love and attention Feiqiming is receiving, he may even have his own Korean fandom soon!

Watch his viral video below!

중국에서 핫한 남자사람

지금 중국에서 핫한 남자사람ㅎㅏ….💓존나잘생겼다

Posted by 연예소식 on Thursday, November 9, 2017