Chinese Man Buys 25 iPhone Xs To Propose To His Girlfriend

Apple just dropped their new iPhone X, and this Chinese man made headlines for his luxurious marriage proposal with not just one iPhone X, but with 25 of them!

This Chinese game programmer living in Shenzen proposed to his 25-year-old girlfriend on the day of the iPhone X release.

He prepared 25 iPhones, matching his girlfriends’ age, and presented to his girlfriend in a shape of a heart with red roses scattered around them.

In addition to the iPhones, he got her a special custom-made ring, making everyone feel jealous of his one of a kind proposal.

After his successful proposal, he gave away all the phones to his girlfriends’ family and friends who helped him prepare for the proposal. Wow!

The price of iPhone X in China starts from RMB8,388 (1265 USD), which means the groom paid at least RMB209,900, which converts to be around 31,600 USD.

Congratulations to this happy couple and their upcoming marriage!

Source: World Of Buzz