A Car Accident Exposes A Father’s Multiple Girlfriends — All 17 Of Them

Things went from worse to “worser.”

Unfortunately, relationships do not always work out, with many ending due to infidelity.  Many affairs have been discovered unexpectedly, like the couple whose secret relationship was found through a TikTok.

Viral TikTok Exposes An Affair — And Accidentally Starts A Fashion Trend

One man had his numerous secret relationships discovered after a car accident put him in the hospital.

A Chinese man identified as Mr. Yuan was admitted to the hospital in Changsha, Hunan Province, China, suffering from minor injuries. The hospital reached out to the man’s relatives to report his accident and condition.

Mr. Yuan | SCMP

Instead of his family, one woman after another showed up at his bedside, revealing a shocking secret — all 17 of them believed themselves to be in a relationship with the man.

Of the women, Mr. Yuan had been dating several for years, including during his marriage. One of the women he even had a child with and was planning a wedding with another.

Mr. Yuan with one of his girlfriends. | SCMP

According to his ex-wife, whom he was married to for two years, Mr. Yuan had a skill for understanding women, including knowing what to say to them to make them fall in love. She also said he could likely keep up with his affairs on his phone, which he never let leave his sight.


He understands women’s needs and thoughts and can basically guess what they are thinking and can say words that touch your heart […] He had so many partners yet he can remember the details of everyone without getting confused. This is his gift. Also he never lets his phone out of his sight even when he goes to the toilet.

— Mr. Yuan’s ex-wife

To make matters worse, many women shared that they had been giving Mr. Yuan money, one providing him financial support for nine years.

Luckily, Mr. Yuan was arrested for fraud when this detail of his deception was discovered. Talk about a Cassanova!