A Chinese Man Goes Viral For Making Nearly One Million Dollars A Month…By Modeling His Own Brand’s High Heels

He is actually the perfect model!

Finding a good pair of high heels is a common struggle for anyone who wears the shoes. Size, stability, and comfort all go into making the correct shoe choice, especially if you will be wearing them for hours on end.

Unrelated photo of a person wearing high heels. | Apolostolos Vamvouras/Unsplash

A Chinese businessman recently has gone viral for his extremely successful way of advertising his brand’s high heels which involves…him modeling them in an unexpected way.

41-year-old Wu Nan from China’s Sichuan province first began his online business in 2018, after failing at running three different start-ups. He first attempted selling women’s shoes in 2008, before restarting the business in 2018.

The businessman came up with the idea of using himself as a model after a video of himself falling in a pair of heels went viral. Wu Nan now posts several times a day, wearing different pairs of heels and doing activities like running or jumping.

| 穿高跟鞋的吴大叔旗舰店/Douyin
| 穿高跟鞋的吴大叔旗舰店/Douyin
| 穿高跟鞋的吴大叔旗舰店/Douyin

Now known as “Uncle Wu Who Wears High Heels,” he has gained over 1.2 million followers on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, and makes around $900,000 USD each month in sales. He wears a size 6.5 in U.S. men’s shoe sizing, showing that he also offers a larger range of sizes than other stores.

He often appears wearing the same shoes as female models as well!

| 穿高跟鞋的吴大叔旗舰店/Douyin

In addition to his viral videos that show that anyone can wear heels, he also provides educational content showing people how to measure their feet for shoes properly.

| 穿高跟鞋的吴大叔旗舰店/Douyin

Wu Nan owns stores on Douyin, Taobao, and Xiaohongshu. Those interested in purchasing a pair of shoes from him can expect to pay from $30 USD to $100 USD for a pair.

Source: Yahoo! News