Chinese Man Is Literally Immortal, You Wont Believe How Old He Is

This youthful senior citizen reveals how to stay young forever.

This Chinese man doesn’t look a day over 40 but, in truth, he is nearly 70 years old!


Hu Hai, age 67, was nicknamed “the most fashionable grandpa of Shanghai” after winning a senior citizen fashion competition back in 2016. It’s easy to see why.

He has style. He has grace. He has a youthful face!


What is his secret? Physical and mental exercise.

Hu is more physically active than the average senior.


He loves to do belly dance, yoga, and sing.


He stressed that positive thinking has helped him to stay young. His biological age is 67 but, psychologically, he feels more like 20.


Hu also claims that feeling young is a choice. He believes that as long as people keep seeing beauty in the world and experience new things they will stay young forever.


Hu shows no signs of slowing down. There are too many places to go, people to see, and things to do! He intends to live his life to the fullest!

Source: News China