Chinese Media Responds To SONE’s Negative Reaction To Jessica’s Recent Interview

After receiving negative feedback from SONE’s for mentioning Girls’ Generation in her recent interview, a Chinese media outlet has attempted to shed a little light on the situation.

Jessica was recently interviewed by Marie Claire Taiwan and, in that interview, she talked about how being a part of Girls’ Generation for 7 years put a restriction on her personal, creative freedom. She confessed that had she continued to be a part of Girls’ Generation, she would have been unlikely to have been able to pursue many of her dreams such as launching her fashion brand, BLANC & ECLARE.

Jessica’s fashion line Blanc & Eclare recently opened their flagship store in New York.

Many SONEs were upset by Jessica’s confession and believe that she should not have been speaking about Girls’ Generation since she has not been a part of the group for 3 years. Some are unhappy with the way they believe she makes it sound as if she was a victim—that the group somehow maliciously stifled her ambitions. Some have even gone so far as to claim that Jessica would not have been able to launch BLANC & ECLARE if she hadn’t previously been a member of Girls’ Generation.

The Chinese media has come out to defend Jessica, saying that she typically does not answer questions regarding Girls’ Generation. The fact that she spoke on the subject at all, they claim, is an indicator that the interviewer was especially persistent on the issue, causing Jessica to finally relent. The same media outlet asserted that Jessica had always categorically rejected answering all questions about Girls’ Generation in past interviews they had conducted with her.

Watch the full video defending Jessica below: