Chinese Parents Find Their Missing Daughter After 15 Years Through a Viral Video

After watching a video of a disabled beggar singing on the street, this Chinese family believes that they have finally found their missing daughter.

When Mou Cuicui ran away from home 15 years ago, her family had thought they’d never see her again. Due to a viral video, however, they may be reunited after all this time.

Cuicui’s younger brother came across a video of a disabled homeless woman singing in the street and noticed she seemed a little too familiar. He immediately showed his parents, and all 3 noticed the woman in the video looked just like their missing daughter, Cuicui. After watching the clip over and over, the family is certain that it is her.

They shared their story on the Chinese micro-blogging site, Weibo, and it became the top trending topic almost immediately. The hashtag on the story has more than 50,000 comments and 70 million views on the Chinese social media platform alone.

Many people have offered to help in the family’s search for the girl, and after noticing the post, the police have begun an official investigation in hopes of tracking down the woman in the video.

Watch the video that may reunite a family below: