Chinese people taste Korean Chinese dishes for the first time

Korea has a long, rich history, so naturally, this history is reflected in the food that they eat.

Korean cuisine evolved through time, and due to their geographical proximity, China also had an influence on some of the cuisine of Korea.

A video of Chinese people trying Korean dishes that originated in China was recently posted and has already been watched over one million times.

The first dish they tried was jjajangmyeon, which was originally called zhajiangmian in Chinese, which means “Fried sauce noodles.” The sauce is made by stir-frying, which is where the name comes from. The dish is from China’s Shandong region and was adapted during the Joseon Dynasty in Korea.

Zhajiangmian aka Jjangmyun / Source: Creative Commons Licence

Another dish that they tried was jjamppong, which is a spicy seafood soup with noodles. The dish is from China, but also made it into Japan due to Chinese immigrants. The word jjamppong is very similar to the Japanese dish, champon, which is also a noodle dish with many different ingredients.

Spicy Sea Food Noodles aka Jjampong/ Source: Maangchi

The last dish that they tried was tangsuyuk, which is the Korean version of the popular Chinese dish, sweet and sour pork. In Korea, it is also sometimes made with beef.

Sweet and sour pork aka Tangsuyuk/ Source: Maangchi

After tasting all the dishes, most of the Chinese people couldn’t recognize Chinese flavors in the foods. Check out the video and see which dish they thought had the closest flavors to those found in China.