Chinese “Rooftopper” Accidentally Films His Own Death As He Plunges From Skyscraper

A Chinese rooftopper accidentally filmed his last moment, falling from the 62 story skyscraper.

A new sport called rooftop climbing has been famous among the Internet users who seek thrills and to experience the satisfying moment of conquering the top of the buildings that no one has ever reached.

Wu Yongning, also known as China’s first rooftopper climbed up many buildings in China and posted his selfies and self-shoot videos of him online.

His next plan was to climb up to the top of 62- story Huayuan Hua Centre in Changsha, China.

He took the action for his plan and went up the roof of the building.

He was spotted doing pull-ups to come back on to the roof, but unfortunately, he lost his grab and let go.

All his struggles were filmed on his phone, which was placed in another building.

He was later found on the terrace located on the 45th floor by a window cleaner.

It has been revealed that he climbed up the Huayuan Hua Centre in the hopes of winning a 100,000 yuan (15,000 USD) for a climbing competition.

It also has been revealed that he was planning to propose to his girlfriend and needed the money for the wedding and to pay for his mom’s hospital fees.

You can watch Wu Yongning’s final stunt footage below:

DISCLAIMER: The content may be disturbing to some viewers.