These Chinese School Uniforms Have Korean Students Super Jealous

Who has the best uniforms?

These Chinese students may look like they’re wearing regular track suits, but these are their school uniforms!


Some schools in China offer their students track suits as uniforms that allow students to be comfortable at school.


While some Chinese students feel that their uniforms are “ugly”, Korean students are quite envious of their uniforms.


They expressed that China’s uniforms looked super comfortable compared to Korea’s school uniforms.

“Whoa it looks so comfortable”

— 이셕민 (leeshockmin)

“When I was young, I used to live in China and I always wore the uniform shown in the last photo. The clothes are really warm in the winter and really cool in the summer. It’s really comfortable.”

— 룡룡 (ryongryong)

“This looks perfect for me since I change into my P.E. uniform as soon as I get to school.”

— 김태형♡ (kimtaehyung♡)

“Wow I’m so envious, being comfortable is the best… Our school uniform was pretty but it was so uncomfortable to wear..”

— 은단껌 (eundanggum)


In comparison, Chinese students are reportedly envious of Korea’s or Japan’s school uniforms because they looked more fashionable.

Image Source: China Daiily


It seems the grass is always greener on the other side!

Source: China Daily and Instiz