Chinese Taxi Driver Finally Reunited With His Lost Daughter From 24 Years Ago

After 24 years of hoping and searching, a Chinese taxi driver has finally been reunited with his long-lost daughter.

Wang Mingqing and his wife, Liu Dengying, had been looking for their daughter Qifeng since January 1994. She disappeared after wandering away from her parents’ fruit stall, in Chengdu. Wang Mingqing had only taken his eyes off Qifeng briefly but those few fateful minutes changed their lives forever.


Wang Mingqing dedicated his life to finding his missing daughter. He and his wife took out advertisements in newspapers, set up online appeals, and never moved away from Chengdu. They hoped that, if they stayed, Qifeng would eventually find her way back home.


To broaden his search, Wang Mingqing became a taxi driver in 2015 and asked each and every one of his customers to help him find Qifeng by posting his story on social media.

He hoped his daughter would see the posts but years continued to pass without any sign of Qifeng.


Wang Mingqing’s luck finally changed when, after reading his story, a police sketch artist drew what Qifeng might look like today.

Since Wang Mingqing did not have a photo of Qifeng as a toddler, he had been using a photo of his second daughter to find her.


Miles away, a woman named Kang Ying saw the sketch and couldn’t believe how much the drawing looked like her. She had the same scar and some of the same personality traits, including a tendency to get nauseous when she cried.

In the past, Wang Mingqing had been contacted by a number of women who believed they might be the missing Qifeng. Hopes were raised and dashed but this time would be different. A DNA test confirmed that Kang Ying truly was the little girl who had wandered away.


The last time Wang Mingqing held his daughter, she was 3 years old. Qifeng, now 27, has a husband and children of her own. She and her loved ones flew to Chengdu to meet the family they never knew they had.


There, in the same city she vanished from, Qifeng was tearfully reunited with her mother…


…and her father, who never stopped believing this day would come.


Every year thousands of Chinese children are believed to be kidnapped and sold through adoption. In many cases, they are never reunited with their birth parents but, thanks to Wang Minqing’s unwavering love and perseverance, Qifeng’s story has a happy ending.

Source: Dispatch