Chinese Toddler Suffers From Hair Loss After Getting Stressed Over Elite Entrance Exams

This two-and-a-half-year-old Chinese toddler is suffering from hair loss from getting too much stress!

TongTong, living in Shanghai, China is a toddler who is planning to attend kindergarten in few years.

Although he won’t be attending kindergarten in few years, Tong Tong’s mother enrolled him in 5 pre-kindergarten classes to prepare him for an entrance exam for a local elite kindergarten.

The classes Tong Tong enrolled includes English, Mathematics, Piano, Art and Housing.

One day, Tong Tong’s mother noticed few strands of hair on his pillow and noticed him sweating and shivering at night.

In few weeks, his hair started to fall off in patches, and Tong Tong was brought to the hospital.

He was diagnosed with ‘alopecia areata’, a common disease among teenagers and adults that cause hair loss.

The doctor expressed that Tong Tong is the youngest patient to be diagnosed with this disease and asked his mother if the child went through major changes in his life that would cause stress.

Tong Tong’s mother reluctantly revealed that she enrolled him in pre-kindergarten classes and was pressuring him to study hard for the kindergarten entrance exam.

The doctor advised to cut down the classes and make sure to give Tong Tong some space to de-stress in order to heal.

Upon hearing the news, netizens expressed their concern for the competitiveness of education affecting younger and younger children and hoped Tong Tong to get some rest and enjoy his childhood!

Source: World Of Buzz