Chinese Viral TikToker Uses Makeup For A Shocking Transformation Into A Man — Surprises Her Husband

Here’s exactly how he reacted!

The power of makeup is truly magical. It is used in K-Pop for performances, and idols make it part of their stages.

BLACKPINK Jisoo’s look for “Flower” suited the song’s concept | @sooyaaa__/Instagram
VIXX had a bolder makeup look for their “ON AND ON” promotions | Newsen 

Social media influencers have used it to do elaborate transformations. In particular, many accounts on TikTok have gone viral for their transformations into celebrities with nothing but the use of makeup and amazing skills.

One TikTok user who has always gained attention for her unreal makeup skills online is user @yanlinady. On her account, she has posted videos with completely different transformations, whether cosplay, historical looks, or many more.



Recently, the user posted a new video. In the video, she explained that the purpose of the video was to “turn into a handsome man” and spend a day with her husband.

For anyone who watches the user’s videos, they will know she is always so fun when putting on makeup. It was no different as she applied foundation, did her eyes, and added some color to her lip.



Of course, no look is set without the wig…

And she even stole clothes from her husband’s wardrobe.

After doing all the finishing details, she was transformed and undoubtedly made a very handsome man. It wasn’t surprising that everyone was waiting as the husband made his way back.

When her husband walked through the door, his expression went from shocked to full of laughter. The funniest was that his first words weren’t about the look but wondering if his wife was wearing his pants.

She was being clingy and he seemed confused… until he spotted the camera!

In a matter of moments, everything seemed normal as they performed a “Brother bond” ritual…

The user then joked that his reaction could be due to the fact she had short hair when they started dating. It was really cute seeing them interact with each other after the transformation.

When the video was posted, netizens couldn’t get over the unreal transformation. Although many joked about a BL poster in the back, others couldn’t get over how handsome the user was when she transformed.

As always, the power of makeup is truly shocking and can create such beauty.

Source: @yanlinady