Chinese Woman Discovers Her Boyfriend Was A Girl After 6 Months Of Living Together

She had no clue that her boyfriend was a woman.

A 40-year-old woman named Wang Qi was in for a shock when she learned that her boyfriend was actually a woman.

Wang Qi met her “boyfriend” Qian in 2016 through an online chat. Initially, she wasn’t interested in him because he was younger than her and she already had a child from a previous marriage.

Qian didn’t give up though and continually persisted after her. Wang Qi eventually gave in and they began dating

The couple dated for a total of 6 months before Wang Qi finally found out Qian’s secret. The couple even started living together, but Qian suddenly disappeared a couple months later.

He wasn’t responding to her phone calls and even changed his WeChat username.

Wang Qi began to worry because she had loaned 300,000 Yuan (~$46,000 USD) to Qian.

She began to search for her boyfriend’s whereabouts when she stumbled upon his identification card. That was when she discovered that Qian was actually a female.

Wang Qi revealed she would never have guessed Qian was actually a female because Qian looked like a man from head to toe. He even used the male restrooms when out in public.

The couple had refrained from having sex because Qian “didn’t want sex before marriage”.

Unable to accept reality, Wang Qi visited Qian’s parents, who accused her of being a liar. They accused her of just creating drama over financial issues.

However, Qian’s parents acknowledged later on that Qian was always a tomboy and preferred to dress as a man.

The parents were unable to help Wang Qi locate her scamming boyfriend, and Wang Qi was left to tracking him down by herself.

She has yet to find her lying “boyfriend” but continues to use every means possible to track him down.

Source: Mirror