This Chinese YouTuber Is Going Viral For Cooking Food Using Only Office Supplies

This YouTuber from China posts videos of creative ways you can cook up a meal in an office setting with materials that can be found around the office!

Chinese YouTuber Ms. Yeah, has been making a name for herself uploading unique videos that feature her making various dishes using only the ingredients and various supplies found around her office. Her videos also show off her sense of humor as she casually cooks at a desk while her coworkers get on with their work like nothing strange is afoot. It’s not hard to see why she already has a following of over 45 000 people.

Here are just a few of the creative ways Ms. Yeah has made various dishes with office supplies:

Making Cotton Candy With An Electric Drill

Ms. Yeah first made a contraption by making a hole in a cardboard box and attaching a spinning lid to an electric drill through the hole. She then used a candle to turn cola into syrup before pouring it onto the lid as she turned on the electric drill. Surprisingly the contraption worked just like a real cotton candy machine!

Baking A Cake With An Office-Made Oven

Ms. Yeah also created an oven out of an office cabinet drawer wrapped in tinfoil, a light bulb, and glass from a coffee table. She then placed a rammikin full of cake mix into the drawer with the lightbulb turned on and baked a cake in her drawer oven!

Making a Chinese Hamburger With A Computer Case

Ms. Yeah created a stovetop by dismantling a computer and making a fire using a candle and small pieces of wood from a table. She then proceeded to casually start frying food in the middle of her office on a computer chassis.

Using A Fire Extinguisher To Make Ice Cream

Although this video didn’t take place in the office, it was still fascinating to see how it’s possible to make ice cream with a fire extinguisher. After mixing the ingredients, Ms. Yeah tied a thin cloth on the CO2 fire extinguisher hose and sprayed it. Using the dry ice she collected from the fire extinguisher, she mixed it with her mix to freeze it and turn it into ice cream!

Finally, one of her masterpieces: Making hotpot using a water dispenser!