Choi Yena Helps LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura Come Up With The Perfect Name For Her Subscribers

It was the first time the two former IZ*ONE members had worked together since the group disbanded.

Former IZ*ONE members Choi Yena and LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura had a joyous reunion on the latest episode of Sakura’s YouTube variety series Fearless Kkura. The pair was known by the nickname “Tom & Jerry” while they were in the same group because they always teased each other. Fans knew from when Sakura introduced Yena in the episode that their chemistry and sisterhood were still strong. The two idols seemed happy just being on the same show together again.

Choi Yena (left) with LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura (right) | 겁도 없꾸라/YouTube

Before jumping into the main content of the video, one of the staff members of Fearless Kkura asked Yena to recreate her signature pose and introduction from Animal Detective Yena, another YouTube series focused on learning more about animals. A true entertainer, Yena obliged despite feeling shy.

Yena then came up with the idea for Sakura to have a catchphrase for Fearless Kkura! She asked if Sakura had a nickname for her subscribers, saying that on Animal Detective Yena, they called their viewers “beasts.”

Immediately Sakura thought of the name “cowards” since her entire show was based on doing challenges and facing her fears! “Cowards” was approved by Yena and the staff of Fearless Kkura on the spot.

The final step was coming up with a catchphrase, which Yena suggested as a punch straight to the camera showing Sakura’s powerful side. Thus, the new introduction to Fearless Kkura was born!

Watch the full episode of Fearless Kkura with LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura and Choi Yena below. They come up with the new name for Sakura’s subscribers at the 1:25 mark.


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