Does Choi Yena Really Want To Live With Her Brother? She Answers Honestly

“Have you ever wanted to live separately?”

Soloist Choi Yena, who made her comeback with her third EP, Good Morning, on January 15, 2024, recently appeared on Don’t Forget Your Breakfast 2 with TV personality and comedian Jang Sung Kyu, revealing her new luxury Gangnam apartment for the first time.

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Choi Yena (left) and Jang Sung Kyu (right) | 재밌는 거 올라온다/YouTube

Choi Yena isn’t the only one who lives in her new luxury apartment. The talented soloist revealed that her brother, actor and former SPEED member Sungmin, continues to live with her after their move.

Choi Yena (left) and Choi Sungmin (right) | @from_mean/Instagram

Choi Sungmin wasn’t home at the time of filming, giving Choi Yena the opportunity to discuss how she really feels about living with her older brother.

Host Jang Sung Kyu asked if she had ever wanted to live alone, and Choi Yena honestly answered that aside from her fear of the paranormal, there are many reasons why she wants to live alone.

Choi Yena got real, hilariously explaining that there were things that annoyed her, pointing out that her brother had taken over the gaming console she bought.

She jokingly shared her annoyance, revealing that her credit card information is in the gaming console, but that hasn’t stopped her brother from using her profile to make in-game purchases.

After she shared her frustrations, Jang Sung Kyu asked if she covered all of the expenses of the home, and she admitted that she does.

Of course, they have a close bond as siblings and continue to root for each others’ success, even if they hilariously disagree about things at home.

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