Choiza’s Instagram photo causes confusion among fans

Choiza‘s most recent Instagram post has caused quite a stir, and his followers have benn leaving malicious comments on his post.

On March 10, Choiza uploaded a picture of his lunch on Instagram right after news of Park Geun Hye‘s impeachment. He opted to eat samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup), a dish that is often eaten by Koreans on hot summer days to help them reenergize.

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This post has been receiving a great deal of criticism for what some perceive to be political undertones in the food-choice and the auspicious timing of the post, as well as the 8 thumbs-up emojis he included in the caption. Upon seeing the photo and the text that accompanied it, netizens believed he was deliberately expressing his support of Park Geun Hye’s impeachment through his post.

The now impeached Park Geun Hye was nicknamed “Dak Geun Hye” (“dak” means chicken) by several of those who protested against her presidency. This nickname was meant to point at Park Geun Hye’s inability to think or act on her own, and she was therefore labeled a “chickenhead” by many Korean citizens.

The 8 thumbs-up emojis, on the other hand, were interpreted as a reference to the 8-0 unanimous vote by the Constitutional Court to uphold the impeachment process that began in December 2016.

One netizen left a particularly scathing comment on Choiza’s post, criticizing him for speaking on politics again, when he was heavily criticized for doing so in the past.

The enraged netizen’s comment.

“Stop trying to stand out. I can still vividly see you begging on your knees for forgiveness, claiming it wasn’t your intention when you called Lee Myung Bak a rat in one of your lyrics… You’re a rapper, yet you didn’t say a single word about Park Geun Hye during her presidency, and only now that she’s been impeached you want to talk about her by uploading a photo of a chicken^^? Look at all these hip-hop wannabes acting like they’re educated citizens of a democracy. And looks like you’re the first in line.”

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Choiza decided to speak up for himself, however, and correct the claims that were made by the commenter.

Choiza’s response to the enraged netizen.

“I’ve been thinking a lot after reading the comments. They’ve made me reflect on how I lived selfishly and in a servile manner as an excuse for survival. I’ll strive to become a more courageous person.
But @ooo2775
I would like to correct you on your comment that shows you misunderstand what happened in regards to the rat reference, and I’d also like to inform you that there were no reports of me begging for forgivenes on my knees. In our 4th album, our song “Rat Mischief” [working title] must have confused you, but this song is about mob mentality, so it has no connection at all to what you’re thinking. There was no controversy about that in the past either.”


In 2008, Dynamic Duo had released their 4th album, Last Words, and one song titled “Rat Mischief” [working title] was rumored to have been a diss towards South Korea’s president at the time, Lee Myung Bak, and his supporters.

Other netizens saw Choiza’s reply to the malicious commenter on his Instagram, and applauded him for speaking up for himself and presenting facts that shut the hater down.

Source: Joongang Ilbo