Choo Sarang Will Not Get A New Sibling, Her Parents Tried But Couldn’t

Two years ago, Choo Sarang held a campaign for a younger sibling where she wore a yellow shirt that read:

“I want a younger sibling. I’ll go to bed early from today onwards.”

Yano Shiho had also voiced to her husband, Choo Sung Hoon, several times that she wanted a son.

In a recent interview, however, Yano Shiho revealed that they will not be pursuing this dream anymore.

“Right now, I’m having a lot of fun working. It’s because we’ve decided not to have a second child. We’ve tried several times because we wanted one, but we failed.”

— Yano Shiho

Yano Shiho also revealed that she wanted a son in a recent episode of Choovely Family Outing

“I want a son. Mr. Sung Hoon, I want a son like him!”

— Yano Shiho

…especially when they met a young Mongolian boy by the name of Tamir, whom she grew very attached to.

“I keep crying at the thought of not being able to meet him again…”

— Yano Shiho

While it may have been a painful decision for their family to make…

…Choo Sung Hoon tried to stay optimistic and strong by telling her that Choo Sarang was all they needed.