Choreographer Bae Yoon Jung Tests Her Skills On “Just Dance”…And Absolutely Slays Her Opponent

Her charisma still shows, even in a game.

Choreographer Bae Yoon Jung has created many viral K-Pop group choreographies, such as EXID‘s “Up & Down”.

Many also know her as the fierce and charismatic dance teacher from the Produce series.

On her YouTube channel called Bae Yoo Jung TV, the choreographer tried testing her skills on the game Just Dance. Despite playing for the first time, she almost immediately finds the dances to be easy and defeats her opponent in their first game.

They both move onto another game and her opponent emphasizes that the game isn’t based on how good of a dancer you are.

Bae Yoon Jung also couldn’t help but show her “fierce” side and made some “remarks” to her opponent.

Despite all this, Bae Yoon Jung easily wins again.

The last match was to a K-Pop song, which was “Bang Bang Bang’ (BIGBANG). Bae Yoon Jung shows relative ease when dancing to the choreography and kills it.

The final match also ends with Bae Yoon Jung winning, this time with her largest margin.

Here is the full video below!