Dancer Sienna Lalau Shares Snippet Of BTS’s Dance Practice Through Instagram

Their power is unstoppable.

BTS recently released their “ON” Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima and garnered much attention for its high-power performance.

The dancer who starts off the film is Sienna Lalau, a 19-year old dancer and choreographer who is known to have choreographed BTS’s “Dionysus.”

On February 26 KST, Lalau posted a video to Instagram, highlighting parts from the “ON” dance practice video that was released by Big Hit Entertainment.

She states that there are two main things their dance crew, The Lab Studios, focuses on: Energy and chemistry. Their cheers can be heard in the video as they continue to send energy and power to BTS as they are dancing.

Two of the biggest things that we focus on at @inthelab247 is energy and chemistry, and i love how this little snippet showcases that. every run through we did, this is literally how it went, huge smiles on our faces, cheering for one another, and giving @bts.bighitofficial energy knowing that they’re probably really tired by this point of the routine; and it felt amazing ✨ still can’t get over it 💜💜💜 #newfanchantorwhat lol

Watch the snippet she posted below!

They also showed their excitement and energy they had for performing at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon through a short dancing clip.

The video is currently almost at 90M views. See their amazing performance below!