Chorong Was The Main Reason All Of Apink Renewed Their Contracts

Apink recently revealed that the reason they decided to renew their contracts was because of Chorong.

In a recent episode of Law of the Jungle, Bomi explained that Chorong played a pivotal part in their decision to renew.

She first explained that Chorong was a crucial person in all the members’ lives, comparing her to their “right arm” and their heart.

Bomi then explained that Chorong only had to say one thing for other members to be on board with renewing their contracts together.

“Since we’re a girl group, we have a lot of things to consider [in renewing contracts]. While we were talking about it, Chorong unni said, ‘Let’s do it, trust me.’ With that one phrase, we all decided to renew our contracts together.”

— Apink’s Bomi

Their trust in each other and  closeness is truly uplifting and admirable!

Source: Sports Chosun