Guardians Of The Galaxy Star Chris Pratt Shows His Love For Korean Fan Artist

Actor Chris Pratt showed some love and appreciation for this very talented Korean artist’s amazing artwork.

Wooh Nayoung, professionally known as Obsidian, is a South Korean illustrator who specialises in drawing various characters in a comical style, putting them in Hanbok clothing. Her first project was the series Women in Hanbok, which was published in 2010. Since then, she has published more works with the same distinct style.

Recently, Obsidian posted her new artwork on Twitter, which was a poster of the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. The poster once again featured her unique artistic style, which put Chris Pratt in Hanbok clothing. Additionally, Groot was illustrated as a bonsai tree.

The artwork attracted the Guardians of the Galaxy actor Chris Pratt, and he showed his appreciation for Obsidian’s work in his reply.

Check out more of her work below:

Changgu Dance
The beauty of the moonlight
Red Riding Hood
Alice’s adventure in wonderland
The Beauty and the Beast