Chung Ha Is Claiming Her Throne As K-Pop Queen With “Chica” And Its Sexy-Fun Choreography

“Chica, chica, sí. You’ve got it all.”

On her official YouTube channel, Chung Ha uploaded a dance practice video to her song “Chica” and fans are mind blown by how sexy-fun the choreography is! With “Chica” being a serious bop that it is, Chung Ha is now claiming her throne as K-Pop queen with these killer dance moves.


When Chung Ha first dropped hints that “Chica” has a set choreography, in this short video titled “[Special Clips] Chung Ha ‘Chica’ Spoiler”, fans got super excited in anticipation of seeing “Chica” performed live on music shows.


And that happened indeed! Chung Ha is now promoting “Chica” and this lit AF choreography is making her fans fall in love with her, hard. With a full team of female dancers and Chung Ha conquering the stage, and with lyrics like ‘It doesn’t matter how many times you fall as long as you try’, her fans are now calling the song and its dance “a leading performance in female empowerment”.

Chica: a song about female empowerment, choreographed by Chung Ha herself and with only female dancers excuse me while I go drown in my own tears 😭

— YouTube ID Nelly Dahn

This song is perfect. A strong song of a strong woman.

— YouTube ID Sandra Rivas

Queen of female empowerment. We stan. 😍💯👸👸🏻👸🏼👸🏽👸🏾👸🏿🚺

— YouTube ID Carime Cordero


The summer vibes are real in this dance practice video. Chung Ha’s fans are having a blast learning the sexy-fun moves to the words that urge to “Let it all out, let your feelings out / Let the world know what you’re all about.”


Here’s Chung Ha’s most recent performance of “Chica” – on fire: