CHUNG HA Wows With Her Incredible Dancing And Stage Presence During Her “Flourishing” Showcase

Stage presence is CHUNG HA’s middle name.

During the showcase for her new mini album Flourishing, CHUNG HA performed her lead single “Snapping” and immediately got the entire world snapping along.

CHUNG HA rose to fame quite early during her time as a trainee on Produce 101 for her world class stage presence and charisma. Her on-the-spot dance performance of Beyoncé‘s “Yoncé” went viral for her polished moves and stage presence of a seasoned celebrity despite not even having debuted yet.

CHUNG HA builds up momentum with every comeback, and “Snapping” is no exception.

OHMYGOD You can clearly see how much she improved!! the dancing, the facial expressions, THAT STAGE PRESENCE!! Our queen truly SNAPPEDT So stream Snapping!!

– YouTube: Kelly

She hits every one of the choreography’s intricate movements perfectly. CHUNG HA is definitely a dance legend in the making.

her stage presence murders me every second 👀

– YouTube: thatsthetea *sip*

Not only is “Snapping’s” choreography amazing, but CHUNG HA’s sweet vocals and goddess-level visuals are mesmerizing this time around as well.


CHUNG HA was one of the first artists announced for KCON 2019 LA, where she will be performing alongside MAMAMOO, Stray Kids, and more. Watch her full showcase performance of “Snapping” below: