Chungha Reveals One Of Her Biggest Fears… And It Might Not Be What You Expect

Chungha’s answer might surprise you.

Chungha recently guested on an episode of DIVE StudiosKPDB, and during the show, she shared with Eric Nam what one of her biggest fears is.

Chungha shared that she’s afraid of frogs.


Eric Nam ended up laughing a bit since he was so surprised by her answer.


Chungha then explained that frogs scare her since they’re unpredictable, and she doesn’t know when they’re going to jump.


Not only that, but the fact that frogs are slimy also freak out Chungha.


Chungha’s mother also had a recent encounter with a frog, and this caused Chungha to get quite fearful.

Chungha: So what did you do with it (the frog)?

Chungha’s mother: Oh I chased it away.

Chungha: Okay…. Will she come back?

— Conversation between Chungha and her mother


Eric Nam then decided to share one of his fears since Chungha did, and revealed that he’s extremely afraid of rats.

Here’s the full video below!


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