Chungha Completely Settled Her Family Debt and Shared Exactly How Much Her Monthly Allowance Is

No one can deny that she’s a filial daughter!

In an interview, Chungha revealed that she has settled her family debt and told how much her allowance exactly is.

After achieving much success as a member of I.O.I and a solo artist, Chungha received numerous awards and truly showed her potential.

When asked whether she had done anything for her mother since all of her success, Chungha replied that she had (then) recently settled her family debt.

I recently settled my family’s debt.

ㅡ Chungha

If that wasn’t enough, Chungha had apparently bought her mother a brand new luxury bag as a Christmas present as well, explaining that her mother never used the money she gave her.

My mother said she couldn’t use the money that I earned. I kept telling her to use it, but she hasn’t used it once. She usually carries around an eco bag so I gave her an expensive bag as a Christmas present and I think she put the rest into savings.

ㅡ Chungha

Moreover, Chungha revealed that she received an allowance from her mother, who manages her earnings.

My monthly allowance is 500,000 won ($448 USD). If I need more, she gives it to me. I don’t exactly have much time to use it but I use it when I have late night snacks with my dancer unnies or when I go to the cafe.

ㅡ Chungha

She added that if she had the opportunity, she’d love to go on a trip to a hot spring with her mother, who had mentioned that she wanted to visit one day.

My mother said she wanted to go on a trip to Japan’s hot springs and I realized that I never went on a trip with my mother before. If I have the opportunity, I’d like to go on a trip to the hot springs, even if it’s just for a short time.

ㅡ Chungha

Chungha is truly a daughter than any mother would be lucky to have!