Here’s What Chungha Said to a Male Fan Who Skipped Class to See Her Live

The 2nd year law student was willing to retake the course as long as he could see Chungha.

Chungha recently performed at Dankook University’s festival where she performed her hit songs such as “Pit a Pat” and “Roller Coaster”.

Following her amazing performance, the host shared that a male fan even skipped one of his lectures to see her live at the festival.

The male fan was revealed to be a 2nd-year law student at Dankook University who also happens to be one of Chungha’s biggest fans.

In response to this revelation, Chungha replied, “He skipped class? I guess I should be happy, right?

The fan then shouted, “I can just retake the course! It’s all good!” in a cheerful tone.

At that moment, Chungha knit her brows as if she was starting to get worried for the fan’s future and stressed, “You can just retake the course? No way! Don’t do that!

Watch Chungha’s adorable reaction to a fan skipping class to see her below starting at 6:11:



Source: Insight