Chungha Explains Why She Hates That Her Dancers Are Called “Backup Dancers”

Chungha doesn’t think dancers should be addressed that way.

Chungha recently performed her song, “Snapping” and chatted with her fans on EBS Radio’s Chungha Comeback Special.

During the chat, one fan mentioned that they noticed Chungha always making exchanges with her dancers on stage and having a good time together.

In response, Chungha explained, “It’s not fun if I don’t. I don’t perform on stage alone.

When she proceeded to read the texts that were sent in by listeners and saw the word “backup dancers” a lot, she remarked, “I might have said this before, but I really hate the use of that word” and asked, “Can we take out the ‘back’ from that word?

She then clarified why she hates that word by adding, “I think of my dancers as artists who help me create the whole picture. But there are a lot of people who call them backup dancers. I don’t like it.

Source: Dispatch