Chungha Freaks Out When Fan Fires Money Gun At Her…Reaction Is Priceless

Chungha never knew what a money gun was… until her fan fired one right at her!

Chungha found out what a money gun was for the first time in her life when a fan gifted one to her during a fan signing.

She was intrigued by the gun… that is until the fan fired it!

Chungha was so surprised by the fake dollar bills flying out towards her!

Her reaction was priceless as her fans begged her to fire it again.

But she didn’t know how to use a money gun, so the fan had to teach her how to.

And Chungha was frightened again when the bills shot up into the air!

She eventually got the hang of it and give it a few shots herself.

Now totally fond of the gun, Chungha was making (fake) money rain all day!

But of course, the ever-tidy Chungha never let money go to waste!

It was definitely one of the most memorable fan gifts of the day!