Chungha Opens Up About The Meaning Behind “Gotta Go”

Fans can’t get enough of the meaning behind it.

Chungha was Austin, Texas for the world-renowned music festival, SXSW 2019.

While she was in Texas, she sat down for an interview with SXSW LIVE.

Douglass Caballero, the host, kick-started the highly anticipated interview by asking Chungha about her latest single, “Gotta Go”.

Douglass: [Gotta Go] has been on repeat for me, and I just want to know – what’s that song about?

Chungha: It’s a song about… going home before 12? (laughs) But, my fans call it a cinderella song.

Fans of Chungha would remember the promise she made to dance “Gotta Go” as Cinderella – a promise she fulfilled.

The lyrics of the song totally fit the story of Cinderella, and it was a dream come through for Chungha fans.

Even her manager (dressed as Prince Charming) joined in the fun.

Chungha told her before she began, “If you don’t know something, watch me,” and then danced along with her manager during the performance.

You can watch the entire performance as Cinderella below.

Chungha then continued the interview by talking about how much work goes into one music video.

That’s a hard question.. like, forever.

— Chungha

Chungha shared that practice starts from the day of music – and carries on every single day.

For just [music videos], maybe two days of not sleeping?

— Chungha

Her revelations shocked the host, who commented that it was “crazy”.

Chungha also commented on her status as one of the few K-Pop stars with roots in Texas.

That sounds good! (laughs) But, I wish I was the only one. (laughs)

Chungha perked up when the host mentioned I.O.I, the group she debuted in.

Oh! I’m glad you mentioned them!

She spoke about her interest in music since young, and her opportunity to participate in PRODUCE 101.

I think I’m very lucky to a member of I.O.I

Chungha was asked about her ability to speak english, and whether it helped her as a K-Pop Artist.

I would love to make music without any Korean… just English, one day.

When asked about her performance in SXSW, Chungha spoke of it as a “dream come true”.

Fans had nothing but praise for her performance at SXSW, where Chungha performed hits such as “Rollercoaster” and “Gotta Go”. She even covered Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings”, and closed the performance with her own rendition of “Bang Bang”, showcasing her rap skills.

Chungha closed the interview by speaking about the language barrier faced by international K-Pop fans – agreeing with the host that good music is able “transcend”.

You can watch her full interview down below.

Source: Naver and Asianjunkie