Chungha Opens Up About Her Thoughts On A Possible I.O.I Reunion

She talks about the possibility of an I.O.I reunion.

During Chungha‘s comeback showcase for “Flourishing”, she spoke up about her thoughts on a possible I.O.I come back.

There have been numerous reports about I.O.I reuniting, but there have been no final decisions. The companies of the members have stated that there are talks about the groups’ comeback, however.

Chungha too has stated that she has not heard any confirmation of an I.O.I reunion. The soloist did say, however, that she would jump at the chance to do it if it were to happen. Despite her busy schedules, Chungha said she would love to work with I.O.I again, even at this very moment.

I would like to do it immediately if given the opportunity.

I.O.I fans are hopeful that this means their agencies will push for a comeback. Keep your fingers crossed!

Source: Naver