Chungha Looked So F**king Pretty That NU’EST’s Fansite Just Had To Photograph Her

On stage, she’s a goddess.

Rising star Chungha began making a name for herself in the K-Pop industry during her Produce 101 and I.O.I days, and she is now gaining attention as a soloist.


Her passionate vocals are out of this world amazing…


…and her visuals haven’t escaped notice either!


On September 14, Chungha shared the stage with several talented artists at the 64th Baekje Cultural Festival in Gongju, including NU’EST W.


While waiting for NU’EST W to perform, one of Ren‘s fansites couldn’t help noticing how gorgeous Chungha looked on stage. This fansite snapped several ethereal photos of Chungha, including these two.


Fansites are loyal to their bias groups, but who can resist capturing someone this majestic?


When on stage, Chungha is pure music in human form…


…and is so breathtakingly beautiful…


…that it’s impossible to look away from her.


To see this goddess in action, you can check out her “Roller Coaster” and “Bang Bang” stage here.